Alcina weather for producers of vegetables

Alcina agrometeorological stations and software for manufacturers of vegetables

Growing vegetables is a demanding activity that involves a number of problems and risks. Appropriate Alcina weather station and software will enable you to measure and analyze the important agrometeorological parameters that will make quality and timely decisions. It will help your production to become optimal in terms of yield, cost and risk. For effective protection against diseases and pests, it is necessary to have access to accurate data. Based on the data and your own experience or the security tips you will perform the appropriate actions.

Alcina software will show a possible infection and stage of development of specific diseases or pests, based on the measured parameters.

On the basis of reliable data on the degree of development of the disease or pests you will know exactly when and by what means you should treat your crops.

Alcina weather stations are only on the market in Croatia to have the ability to manage irrigation! Correct decision on irrigation are easily made on the basis of the parameter of evaporation. Evaporation can be calculated in software or can be built with a single sensor evaporation near your crops. Alcina weather station and software give you a complete overview of weather conditions about your crops and help you with the optimal use of resources get the maximum yield.


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