Standard agrometeorological station

Why Alcina agrometeorological stations and software?


Meteorološka stanica

Alcina has years of experience in software development and integration of hardware for professional IT systems that measure parameters in the environment. Alcina has delivered software and hardware for several national hydro-meteorological network of stations for monitoring air quality and meteorology in the region. These contracts Alcina has won because of the quality, expertise and competitiveness in international tenders of the European Union.

Alcina ‘s quality and experience will allow you:

  • efficient use of all resources and moneymaximizing profits
  • configuration of station according to user needs – sensors, power supply, control irrigation
  • the ability to use the best security consultation on the basis of Alcina models with local knowledge
  • software that is easy to use
  • software that shows all measured information on station
  • software that displays historical values measured at the station from the moment of installation
  • embedded development models of disease and pests
  • software shows the stage of development of the disease or pests, and the deadline for application protection preparations
  • display of meteorological parameters at the station and plantations of data from which to choose the most suitable products for protection
  • software that shows all the measured parameters in real time

As a guarantee of quality offers

Alcina has a business policy of Price match – show us a better offer from other companies and we will offer the system for at least the same performance and quality with a 10% lower price. Our productivity and long-lasting partnerships with suppliers makes us extremely competitive.