UV radiation sensor

Senzor uv zračenja

The sensor measures the UV radiation flux density of solar radiation (W/m2) for angle of 180 degrees. The parameter measured by the sensor is one of the inputs for model of infection occurrence and for calculating the evaporation and evapotransportation (if you do not buy an expensive sensor for evaporation). The sensor is resistant to all weather conditions.

NSOL total radiation sensor – pyrgeometer sensors

  • temperature range: -40 to +80
  • crange: 0 – 2000 W / m²
  • temperature Sensor: Thermistor
  • temperature sensor: Can be addedif desired

Pyranometer (short-wave):

  • pyranometer ISO classification: second class
  • range: 305 – 2800 nm
  • calibration traceability

WRR Pyrgeometer (for long wave)

  • range: 4500-50000 nm
  • calibration traceability: NIST
  • window ultimate shift @ 1000W / m2 solar radiation <W / m²
  • heating Power: 5 watts @ 12VDC

The parameter measured by the sensor is used as input data for calculating the evaporation / evapotransporation and as an input for the development of some models of disease and pests.