Quality policy

Quality and environmental policy

The company is focused and dedicated to continuous improvement of processes and services in order to achieve and maintain ongoing customer satisfaction and constant concern about environmental protection. In accordance with the decision on the establishment of an integrated quality management system (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001) Alcina d.o.o. management adopted a policy of quality and the environment, which has expressed its commitment to:


  • continuous monitoring of products and processes, their development to meet customer needs and constantly upgrading the integrated management system
  • respect for and compliance with laws and regulations relating to the business of our company
  • setting goals for quality and environment, and also control on the set goals
  • continuous monitoring of significant environmental aspects
  • continual training of employees in order to increase the competence and qualifications, customer satisfaction and reduce the negative environmental impact
  • permanent reduction in degree of pollution, and prevention activities that may result in contamination.

Ivan Vrdoljak, manager

May 2013

Alcina has introduced quality management and environment in 2011. Det Norske Veritas is the auditor Alcina d.o.o. for ISO systems.