Leaf humidity sensor

Senzor za vlažnost lista

The most important thing is measure humidity at the level of the lowest leaves of the plant. The sensor is designed to work by mimicking the characteristics of leaf plants in terms of size, weight and dew.

SLW humidity sensor list:

  • threshold wet / dry: defined as resistance in K ohms
  • while humidity: wet fraction is stored in the data logger
  • power supply voltage (1-5 V)
  • dimensions: 11.5 cm (L) x 5.4 cm (W)
  • accessories: stainless steel sensor bracket included

It is important to set up at least one of these sensors at the level of the lowest leaves of the plant and the deeper the trunk is, in order to measure the humidity in the place that is the wettest and most vulnerable to infection. Some authors recommend the installation of up to 3 sensors at different heights of the crown of, for example, apples or cherries. The measured parameter is the size of the input of all the models that predict the ability and stage of development of diseases and pests.