Alcina agro-meteorological station is basically an automated system for collecting data from the environment. Station continuously collects the output electrical quantities with a number of sensors that are connected to the station. This information is sent by wireless communication to a computer where they are stored, processed statistically and displayed in various ways.

The measured parameters are inserted in Alcina software for inclusion in the model of development of diseases or pests and model results show the risk of those diseases and pests in a specific orchard.

The user based on the results of the model gets an insight into the state of development of the disease or pests. Based on this information, the user can promptly and appropriately treat their crops in order to suppress the development of disease or pests. Data provided by agrometeorological stations are used for decision making on irrigation and agricultural practices in accordance with the climatic conditions of your plantation. Alcina software collects, transmits data and has developed a number of models for forecasting the development of plant diseases and pests on apples, pears, cherries, potatoes, tomatoes and olives.