Wind direction and speed sensor

Senzor smjera i brzine vjetra

Wind direction and speed sensor consists of two instruments. The wind speed sensor is great precision sensor. Wind sensor has agate bearings for shaft and is sensitive to the minimum horizontal movement of the atmosphere. The model in the picture is also used for meteorological stations at airports!

Wind-03 sensor for monitoring the wind:

  • wind direction: 0-360 °
  • accuracy:
    • wind speed: ± 0.3 m / s, or 1% of reading
    • wind direction: ± 3 °
  • signal output:
    • wind speed: magnetically induced AC voltage
    • wind direction: shifting the DC voltage – potentiometer
  • options:
    • 03V, 0 – 5 VDC output
    • 03L with 4 – 20 mA output

This is the WMO class sensor that is built into the weather systems when great precision and reliability of measurement is required as is the case at airports and ports. The system has an agate bearings for rotation and vane anemometer with minimal friction. Wind direction and speed sensor are lightweight so you can register a minimum horizontal movement of air.