Data logger

Data Logger is a computer that collects the parameters measured by sensors that are connected to the inputs of a data logger. Data logger prepares measured parameters and using GPRS modem sends them to the user’s computer. Data logger has an exit through which can control the devices that are connected to it, for example valves for irrigation.

X16 Data Logger for gathering information (computer in the weather station):

  • 20 analog input and output channels
  • expandable up to 200 channels
  • 4 voltage outputs to power sensors
  • 4 input channels for impulses (counters)
  • 6 digital control outputs
  • low power consumption
  • large internal memory for data and software

Data logger is placed in IP67 industrial case which is resistant to all weather conditions. The case is locked to protect against vandalism and unauthorized opening. In the case there is an industrial GPRS modem that guarantees the stability and security of wireless communication with the user’s computer or with Alcina server computer.