Soil humidity sensor

Senzor za vlažnost zemlje

This sensor is placed on one of the relevant depth of the plant, which is being observed. Depths ranges from 5 to 50 cm. Humidity of the soil affects the natural processes of plants, diseases and pests. The sensor is extremely accurate and robust.

SS-01 sensor importance of soil:

  • measuring range: 0-2 bar (0-200 Centibars)
  • fully solid form
  • insoluble in soil
  • linear accuracy even in moist soils (below 50 centibars)
  • low temperatures doesn’t influence the measurement
  • internal compensation for the usual levels of salinity

This sensor is robust. It needs to be buried as close to the root of the plant that protects it, on the depth of its roots (10-50 cm deep). This sensor is also important for predicting the state of the growing plant and for the assessment of the need for irrigation.