Senzor za količinu oborina

Sensor measures the amount of rainfall precipitation that falls on the surface of the funnel. The sensor registers only a drops of water. This sensor has a high accuracy and measurement range, and is considered as a World Meteorological Organization class.

RG-1 pluviometer (pluviometer)

  • type of the sensor “tipping bucket”
  • hole diameter: 200 mm
  • material: bronze
  • sensitivity: 0.5 mm
  • accuracy:
    • ± 0.5 mm below 20 mm / hr
    • 20mm / hr to 120 mm / hr ± 3%
  • signal output: non-contact reed switch
  • housing: stainless steel
  • air balloon leveling included

Reliable measurement of rainfall is also important to assess the possibilities for the development of diseases and pests, and to assess the future state of vegetation. Together with soil humidity sensor, agrometeorological software evaluates the possibility of the disease, the need for irrigation and the state of vegetation.